Tentacle & Monster Porn

Alice in Tentacle Land
Sex adventures in the land of Tentacles
Tentacle Jungle
Jungle Tentacles lurking for victims
Tentacle Cult 2
Enslaved and sacrificed to tentacles
Tentacle Master
New victim for the tentacle cave
Tentacle Cave
Command cave tentacles and feed them with playmates
The Hidden Tentacle Cult
New, cute inductees for a secret tentacle cult
Tentacle Swamp Shack
A sunny afternoon at the tentacle swamp
Wishing Well
Be carefull, the well might be tentacle infested
Tentacle Laboratories
Helpless babes, bound on examination tables, abused as tentacle victims and breeders
Outdoor Tentacles
Neither in the woods, the jungle or the veld, there is no place hot babes are safe from the tentacle
Tentacle Schoolgirl
Dark, humid areas are a bad place for anime babes.. unless they want to get fucked by tentacles
Tentacle Tavern
A surprised, young maid gets laid by tentacles in the wine cellar
Feeding Monsters
Fresh milk lets young monsters grow faster
Tentacle Prison
After a long time of loneliness a prisoner gets visited by tentacles
Tentacle Monsters
Providing fresh slaves to horny and hungry tentacle monsters is important to develop their natural abilities
Parasitic Bugs
What does a parasite need? Only a warm and sexy nest to breed and develop
The Chair
The prefect tool to get new slaves prefect tentacle trained
Tentacle Monster From Space
On a secluded space station a tentacle monster escapes from its prison

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